Music I dig 052: Ry* & Frank Wiedemann – Howling (2012)

Howling is one of those smooth tracks that just grows on you. I could end my post right there. However, I’m not in a lazy mood.

Frank Wiedemann is known for his work in groups such as ‘A Critical Mass’, ‘Âme’ and ‘Innervisions Orchestra’, producing music somewhere in the field of techno, tech-house  deep-house and minimal (possibly with a whiff of jazz and/or classical music). As far as I know most of his tracks have been released through their Innervisions label. Innervisions has always been a label for quality (no commercial concessions) electronic dance music. Surprisingly the ‘Howling EP’ will also be released on this label, making it the first pop song to be released on Innervisions. Unsurprisingly the EP also features an ‘Âme’ remix of ‘Howling’, which I think is just off the hook (that means you have to click that hyperlink!)!

Having the knowledge that ‘Howling’ is produced by Wiedemann, one suddenly hears a lot of similarities in the way the track is produced and composed. Believe me, that’s not a bad thing. These guys know what they are doing, be it tech-house or something more pop-ish.


Music I dig 051: MØ – Maiden (2012)

This is some pretty catchy stuff spreading out from Copenhagen. The music is produced in a collaberation between Karen Marie Ørsted and Ronni Vindahl. The video is by Anne Sofie Skaaring. On her facebook fanpage she says she likes Santigold, which is clearly audible. Not a bad thing.

Music I Dig 050: Alpine – Gasoline (2012)

Alpine is Phoebe, Lou, Phil, Christian, Ryan and Tim. They hail from Melbourne, Australia. They make some pretty nice music – if all their music is as good as is ‘Gasoline’ (I still have to check that out), their latest single. It is one of twelve tracks on their album ‘A is for Alpine’.

‘Gasoline’ is what you expect a good summer track to be and feel like; happy, bright, careless, soothing and a tiny wee uplifting. There’s also this unofficial video that is doing rather well (viewer-wise).

Music I dig 049: The Late Great Fitzcarraldos – Jesu (2012)

Discovered this one a few days ago, through Reptile Youth. Jesu is the first single from their second album. It’s a very catchy pop-synth tune and it kind of smells like summer. This is great for a chilled-out summer evening. Also, notice this fantastic video by Malthe Fischer.

Movie I dig 036: De rouille et d’os (2012) (Rust & Bone)

De rouille et d’os – or Rust & Bone as it is known in English – is a French-Belgian film that tells the story of events that radical change the lives of two people that have just met. It is based on a short story collection by Craig Davidson. Stéphanie – portrayed by Marion Cotillard – works as a killer whale (orca) trainer in a city in the south of France. She seems to have some kind of issues in her current relationship. We first meet her at a club in the city where it is hinted that she is looking for other men. Here she ends up in some kind of fight. It is not quite clear how she is involved, but fact is that she ends up with a bleeding nose. Alain van Wersch – portrayed by Matthias Schoenaerts – who has just arrived in this city with his son, happens to be working in this club as a bouncer. He brings her home, where she again stumbles into an argument with her (soon to be ex-)boyfriend and whereupon he leaves, but not before he leaves a note with his number (just because he is looking for some tail). As mentioned before,  Stéphanie works as a killer whale trainer. While at work a terrible accident happens and when Stéphanie wakes up in the hospital she finds out that she has lost both her lower legs. Unsurprisingly she is devastated and falls into a deep dark whole, which is excellently symbolized in the film through the dark room she than stays in. Alain in the mean time has moved on from being a bouncer to being a night security guard. He is also training at a local gym (boxing, kickboxing). After some time (weeks or months) Stéphanie decides to contact Alain and to meet up. They meet up and after having some trouble in persuading her, Alain manages to get Stéphanie outside and to the beach. I see this as the starting point for a emotional rollercoaster ride that involves violence – or rather fighting -, crime, love and most of all hope.

I immensely enjoyed this alternative film. The acting and the interaction between Cotillard and  Schoenaerts is both intense and mesmerizing. If I would summarize all the events and themes that are touched upon in this film, it would seem as a rather implausible and over-the-top narration. However, in this film it is brought towards the viewer at a delicate pace and through a thoroughly thought through plot. Jacques Audiard did a great job here.

If anything, you will feel hope in love and love in hope after having seen this film. It will get under your skin and even though it is at times hard to feel sympathy for trailer-trash behavior and the ambition to become a street-fighter, you will feel like you can somehow relate to the main characters. After the film ended, most people in the audience sat silent for over a minute – which not seems like a lot, but which I think is a lot in our fast-paced-always-in-a-hurry-gotta-connect-to-people-on-the-internet-society. While walking home one of my friends who watched the film with me, asked what life-lessons we had learned from it. For me I think, the most important things is that while watching this film – especially towards the end – I felt a kind of hope that there is a goodness in all people. It just needs to be enabled.

Movie I dig 035: A better life (2011)

Carlos is a Gardener in LA. Just like so many people in this world he is looking to improve his life and – more important – his son’s current life and future. He is looking for the better life that a rich country like the USA should offer – to the eyes of an outsider that is. He is currently working for another guy who like him has only come to this country to earn more money than back home. His employer is on the verge of heading back to his home land, to live and work on a farm and the land he bought with the money earned in the US. Thus, Carlos will lose his job and that will land him back to square one, which means he will be begging for work in a well known beg-for-work-corner-spot. Obviously this is not what he wants and Blasco his employer offers him to sell his truck and the machinery that comes along with being a gardener. Carlos is in doubt though, because he hasn’t got a driver’s license that is valid in the US. Meanwhile his son is hanging out with the wrong type of friends. The type that aspires to become a latin gang member. After having considered the opportunities and risks of buying the truck from Blasco, Carlos decides to buy it. Things get interesting fast after this.

‘A better life’ is not exactly an underground movie, but it is kind of alternative to main stream movies that are being produced in the US. The film doesn’t focus so much on how the foreign workers are treated bad by the Americans, but more on how the system works and how for a lot of foreign workers it doesn’t work out at all. Carlos is struggling day in day out, to get by and to save up a little money for his son Luis’ education. In the film it kind of looks like he does a little better (at least in the beginning) than most other foreign workers. It must be hard to keep ones values up, working for what little money they can get, only to find out, that at the end of the month they haven’t saved all that much.

The film made quite an impression on me. Try to see it, even though it’s not being and has not been screened in many places.

Music I dig 048: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – Man on Fire (2012)

Edward Sharpe & the magnetic zeros always make such chilled out music. The kind that makes you smile unconsciously and then makes you nod your head and later your whole body to the rhythm. And before you know it everybody is naked and running around the campfire like crazy hippies. Oh wait, that’s just me.


Don’t forget to check out their new album. You can buy it as of…now.