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Music I dig 005: Graffiti6 – Stare Into the Sun (2009)


How can one not dig this song. It is cool, it is funky, it is happy, it is uplifting, it makes me crave summer sun, and yet it is strange enough to be interesting.

The vid is made by Ian Stevenson and just like the song; how can one not dig this vid! The funny guy completely rocks to the tunes of the song! ūüôā


Music I dig 004: Nicolas Jaar – Time for us (2010)

I know, you can only hear half the song in this vid. But in case you really dig it, I’m sure you will be able to find the full version somewhere else.

I discovered Nicolas Jaar just a few weeks ago. At first it sounded just OK. Now, however his music is more and more turning out to be of the kind that, the more you listen the more you appreciate it. There are a few other songs by him that I even like more (for example: Keep me there), but this was the first song by Nicolas Jaar that I heard.

The vid is done by Edgar Libório. I can always appreciate a well done beach-vid.

Music I dig 003: Neil Young – Heart of Gold (1972)

Neil Young might be one of the most underrated influential musicians out there. This song never gets boring. Timeless.

Music I dig 002: RJD2 – Ghostwriter (2002)

One of those catchy tunes that makes you want to move. Very nicely produced.

I took the video from Matt who went on a three month trip through Europe. I like the video.

Music I dig 001: Thom Yorke – Black Swan (2006)

So this is the first post regarding ‘Music I dig’.

Check out the vid. I really dig this song and Thom Yorke’s music (incl the ‘Radiohead’ era) in general.

Movie: Incendies

Last week I went to see this film at my local¬†art film-house. I just checked out the trailer and the IMDB-rating before I went and this is exactly what I would suggest you to do. Find a cinema or¬†film-house¬†where this film is being screened and go an see it, without knowing to much about it. Checking out the trailer is fine I guess, since it doesn’t reveal much, but will probably get you interested.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, but son, I loved this movie. It is dramatically insane, wild, powerful and it will drag you along, eat you, chew you, spit you out before taking a huge dump on you. And yet, you will love it, guaranteed!

Here’s the trailer. and once again, please go and check out this movie!