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Books I dig 002: Salman Rushdie – The Enchantress of Florence (2008)

This is a fairytale for grown ups. That is the shortest and simplest opinion I could give you about this book. However, it would be too short and too simple for such an enchanting story.

Before I started reading I saw this quote from a review on the backside cover of the book, which said: ‘My first desire on finishing it was to go back and re-read it. … ” Catherine Lockerbie, Scotsman. My first thought on someone wanting to re-read a book right after completing it was, “that’s a bit foolish I think. I’ve never had this feeling after finishing a book.” Yes, wanting the story to continue or wanting to know more about what happens to the person(s) in the story in the future, that feeling I did have, but never an urge to re-read it. And yet (you what I’m about to say, but I’m going to say it anyway), it was exactly what I thought. The story was finished. So there was no urge to wonder about what could/would happen next. But I sure as hell wanted to submerge myself again in this fantastic Indian or Italian (or even Ottoman) world described by Salman Rushdie. I have to admit that both India and Italy are two of my favourite countries to visit. Nonetheless, I think that even people unfamiliar with these countries will love the versions of these countries through the eyes of Rushdie’s characters.

Rushdie let’s his characters philosophize about sociology, spirituality, love, passion, war and the way they want to be part of future history like they are talking and thinking about the history of the past. He makes his characters real, dangerous and even likeable (even when they aren’t very likeable).

Definitely one of my favourite books.


Movie I dig 006: Los colores de la montaña (The colors of the mountain) (2010)

This is a story about a few young friends who are living in a remote village in the Colombian mountains. Manuel plays football everyday with his best friend Julián. He even gets a new football for his birthday. Then one day the ball shoots off the football field and ends up in a until then unknown minefield. The friends with the help of another friend Poca Luz, try different things to get their ball back.

During these adventures there is a danger shaping in the background. It is not quite clear what this conflict is about, but it is an armed conflict and there are guerillas and another armed group involved.

All these problems are set against the background of a very pretty landscape that only shows it’s dark-side because of the human problems in it. Credits for this debuting director to make the scenery just right.

All in all I quite enjoyed this ‘Los colores de la montaña‘. The young friends act quite good and realistic.

Here’s the trailer:

ógnvekjandi 003: Mitch Tölderer – 2011 Freeride World Tour Champion (Season Compilation)

One of my favourite snowboarders and as of now also the reigning world champion in the Freeride World Tour. Watch that awesome Mitch Tölderer season compilation below and you will see that this Freeride World Tour is not for bullshitters. This is the real thing only for the best freeride/big mountain snowboarders.

Mitch rides for Jones Snowboards. Jones Snowboards is owned and founded by the legendary Jeremy Jones.

Movie I dig 005: La tête en friche (My Afternoons with Margueritte) (2010)

The things I dig about this movie are easy to sum up. Firstly there is the adorable  but slightly naive Germain (Gerard Depardieu) which is a very lovable character right from the start. He’s into gardening, has got a pretty hot girlfriend (Sophie Guillemin), is famous within his French little town, has a very disturbing, crazy mother and whenever made fun of (which happens often) seems to forget it quickly and will be in a good spirits again. Then there is de really nice and incredibly patient elderly woman Margueritte (Gisèle Casadesus) whom Germain starts to meet regularly in the park. Thirdly there is the love for books and reading that I can relate to!

All this is set in a lovely French village. Another thing I dig.

Overall ‘La tête en friche‘ is a very pleasant ride and even the things in the movie that about upon life’s not-so-bright things are pleasantly worked out by the director (Jean Becker). So if you are in for a feel-good movie and you dig the French, than ‘La tête en friche’ might be something worth checking out.

Here’s the trailer:

Music I dig 011: Quadron – Slippin (2009)

I forgot how I first heard about Quadron, but I sure remember that I digged it straight away!

Today spring arrived at my place (sun, sun and we brought out the garden-lounge-set) and this song is made for spring. Even the vid is awesome.

Movie I dig 004: Submarino (2010)

This movie is a rough awaking to the dark days of two brothers in Denmark. Caused by a traumatizing experience in their youth (as if a alcoholic mother isn’t traumatizing enough), they are both finding it hard to adapt to grown-up life in this Scandinavian country. The scene were the brothers are still young and start dancing and drinking booze, they hid from their mother, to loud music (when they really should be taking care of a baby), for me really illustrates the first effects of lousy parenting from their mother’s side. The father (or fathers) of both are not featured in the story.

On brother got out of prison a couple of months ago and the other is raising his son by himself after the mother of his son passed away. The prison-brother Nick (played by Jakob Cedergren) like his share of liquor and seems like someone who has got himself under control, but who seems lost every once in a while. The other brother (played by Peter Plaugborg) is a single father trying to raise his genuinely cute son Martin (played by Gustav Fischer Kjærulff). The father is a heroin-addict who at the same time is trying to be the best father in the world. It’s touching but he still feels like a fuck-up because of his heroin abuse.

I don’t want to spoil to much, so I’ll leave it at that.

The atmosphere of the movie is very very dark and will keep your attention for the entire duration of the movie. It really is a story about the fucked-up side of an otherwise prosperous society. The acting is quite good and convincing. Thomas Vinterberg, who directed Submarino, did a great job.

Music I dig 010: The XX – Basic Space (Pariah Remix) (2009)

I just found this one and already I dig it’s awesomeness!

Awesomeness checklist:

  • The XX: Check;
  • Pariah: Check;
  • Jean-Luc Godard: Check;
  • Vivre Sa Vie: Check.
  • All the above combined: CHECK.

The vid is by Toadvine. He used a scene from Jean-Luc Godard‘s ‘Vivre Sa Vie‘ from 1962, for this remix of ‘Basic Space‘.

It proves to be a spot-on combo! Sometimes beautiful plus beautiful does equal beautiful.