Movie: Till det som är vackert (Pure)(Beloved) (2010)

Till det som är vackert

I saw this Swedish movie a couple of days ago. I don’t want to reveal too much about the storyline, but I can tell you the following. It’s about this girl in her early twenties (magnificantly played by Alicia Vikander and if you think she looks stunning in the photo above, then you’re in for a sweet ride, because she’s even more stunning on the screen! Seriously, during the movie I couldn’t keep myself from saying “Damn, she’s hot!!” aloud, over and over again.) who has some problems with the society she lives in. No decent education, mother who likes booze a bit too much, shitty job and an all-round temper. You get the picture. She basically resides on the lower end of the Swedish society. Her boyfriend seems nice though, although later on in the movie he is portrayed as a bit of a simpleton.

Then one day she is looking for some music video on youtube and stumbles onto some music by Mozart. She is spellbound and mesmerized. She visits a classical concert at the local concert hall. A while later, right after she got fired from her shitty job, she sneaks into the concert hall again and watches while the local orchestra practices. By mistake she ends up in a job-interview and gets the job as a receptionist based on her (still young) love for classical music and a little (maybe not so little) lie. While working there she starts hanging out more and more with the conductor and (no surprises there) they end up having an affair.

From here on out it starts to get really interesting. I’m not going to spoil that.

I really loved this movie. Pretty good, not so ordinary storyline, great music, at times incredible acting and fine camera work.

Find out where the movie is being screened near you and check it out!

Here’s the trailer (couldn’t find one with English subs, sorry for that):

Till det som är vackert (Beloved) (2010)

    • Annonymous
    • March 14th, 2011

    There seems to be a age gap in the picture 🙂

  1. getting to visit u after some gap and i realise i have missed out on so many new diggs!!

    will check these soon!


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