Movie I dig 003: Biutiful (2010)


Warning: Biutiful is not a movie that you can just put on when you have a few hours to fill in between classes or whatever. No.

This movie will keep your mind occupied long after you have left the cinema. It’s hard to point out the general them of the movie. So instead, I will point out some of the many themes it touches upon. First there is living family life on the lower side of society (Barcelona, Spain), then there is (forbidden) homosexuality, corruption, illegal immigrants (Senegalese and Chinese), families torn apart, drugs,  terminal disease, illegal business, death and communication with deceased people.

Yes, that is a shitload of subjects that even on their own are pretty hard to digest. You probably think, how can a movie have so many of these not-so-easy subjects? To be honest, I’m thinking the same thing. I was thinking the same thing when I walked out of the cinema. How did they get away with this? I don’t know, but they sure did. As one of my friends rightfully pointed out: “So many subjects, but it was never shallow, as you would’ve expected when you touch upon so many subjects.”

The acting in the movie is simply superb. Javier Bardem is relentless. Film-technically it is very suitable for the setting and themes. The camera-work is spot-on! I really liked the atmosphere although it’s presence is very subtly done. Alejandro González Iñárritu did an outstanding job.

The trailer:


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