Music I dig 009: Sun Kil Moon – Ålesund (2010)

Admiral Fell Promises

“No this is not my guitar, I’m bringing it to a friend. No I don’t sing, I’m only humming along. Up here in the air, I’m just mumbling at the clouds.”

This is how this track commences and also the first few lines of this Sun Kil Moon album ‘Admiral Fell Promises’. Those three sentences describe exactly how the album sounds. It’s like Mark Kozelek is a good old friend who brought his guitar to you (his friend) and is now showing you some of his new songs, while he half sings half mumbles along. That sounds like I’m trying to say that the songs on this album are not quite finished. The contrary is my opinion however. This song (and the entire album for that matter) is one of my favourites of 2010 and it is music thoroughly thought through. He knows his instrument very very well.

The album is brought out under Sun Kil Moon, but it is Mark Kozelek playing solo on the entire album. Other albums by Sun Kil Moon are definitely interesting enough to check out.

The vid is by Brendan James who was looking for green and blue things across the country.

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