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Movie I dig 15: Joanna (2010)

Joanna is a real good, real unknown (only 25 votes in IMDB!) Polish world war II movie. It tells the story of a young (secretly) Jewish girl who ends up being separated from her mother (her father is gone already) and being taken care off by an almost complete stranger (a waitress she only met moments earlier).

Polish people had some of their harshest years while they where occupied by the Germans (and afterwards they had some more harsh years when the communist Soviet Union took over from the Nazis) and this movie makes one familiar with this fact on a very personal level. Urszula Grabowska and Sara Knothe are the main actresses in this movie and they well deserve a lot of praise.

This movie gave me a lot of things to think about. People who do good are not always rewarded, this I knew. But in this movie the person who does good things is treated in such a bad way that it makes one doubt whether it is worth it to even consider whether it is worth it to do the (obvious) right thing. At a certain point people can (and probably should) ask themselves whether it is worth it to risk losing everything, for the cause of others.


Music I dig 022: In Golden Tears – Urban Emotions (2011)

In Golden Tears is a band I very recently discovered through Humming Records. This is their debut single, which I quite dig. It’s got a very nice vibe going on.

Enjoy 🙂

Music I dig 021: Papercuts – Unavailable (2007)

Heard this one yesterday and was immediately struck by it. It sounds nice, funny and melancholic at the same time. And I like me some of that cocktail.

It is featured on Papercuts’ album ‘Can’t go back’ and will feature on Trentemøller’s Late Night Tales compilation!


Music I dig 020: Boy Mandeville – Killing the work (2011)

I can’t decide which is more awesome, the song or the video…
Video: Juliette Hamon Damourette
Music: Boy Mandeville

Music I dig 019: Tim Lothar & Peter Nande – Can’t Get That Stuff No More (2009)

While visiting the brilliant and awesome Moulin Blues Festival (Ospel, NL) I saw this Danish duo for the first time. I had never heard about them either….such a shame! Tim Lothar & Peter Nande play a sub-genre called rootblues. And they rock it! Man I was buzzin’! Also check out their album ‘Two for the Road’!!

ógnvekjandi 004: Papi papi dances like a true papi chulo!

This will be the best 3min of your day!

Movie I dig 014: Fyra år till (Four more years) (2010)

This is a fun Swedish comedy with a dramatic twist. It’s about a politician David Holst (Björn Kjellman) who is kind of lost after he lost elections. He completely loses interest in politics and is only kept upright because his team is doing everything (literally) for him. Every word that comes out of his mouth in a political context is written by them.

While being lost he unconsciously finds himself attracted to a guy from the opposition. This guy Martin (played brilliantly by Eric Ericson) clearly is an out-of-the-closet gay.

From here on out this is a at times hilarious and occasionally dramatic movie about exploring David’s gay side and the even more dangerous fact in being in a sort of relationship with his political opponent.

I couldn’t find a trailer with subtitles: