Movie I dig 014: Fyra år till (Four more years) (2010)

This is a fun Swedish comedy with a dramatic twist. It’s about a politician David Holst (Björn Kjellman) who is kind of lost after he lost elections. He completely loses interest in politics and is only kept upright because his team is doing everything (literally) for him. Every word that comes out of his mouth in a political context is written by them.

While being lost he unconsciously finds himself attracted to a guy from the opposition. This guy Martin (played brilliantly by Eric Ericson) clearly is an out-of-the-closet gay.

From here on out this is a at times hilarious and occasionally dramatic movie about exploring David’s gay side and the even more dangerous fact in being in a sort of relationship with his political opponent.

I couldn’t find a trailer with subtitles:

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