Movie I dig 15: Joanna (2010)

Joanna is a real good, real unknown (only 25 votes in IMDB!) Polish world war II movie. It tells the story of a young (secretly) Jewish girl who ends up being separated from her mother (her father is gone already) and being taken care off by an almost complete stranger (a waitress she only met moments earlier).

Polish people had some of their harshest years while they where occupied by the Germans (and afterwards they had some more harsh years when the communist Soviet Union took over from the Nazis) and this movie makes one familiar with this fact on a very personal level. Urszula Grabowska and Sara Knothe are the main actresses in this movie and they well deserve a lot of praise.

This movie gave me a lot of things to think about. People who do good are not always rewarded, this I knew. But in this movie the person who does good things is treated in such a bad way that it makes one doubt whether it is worth it to even consider whether it is worth it to do the (obvious) right thing. At a certain point people can (and probably should) ask themselves whether it is worth it to risk losing everything, for the cause of others.

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