Movie I dig 018: También la lluvia (Even the rain) (2010)

A film-maker, his manager and their team head to Bolivia to shoot a movie about Columbus’ discovery of South America and the oppression and genocide against the natives. While they are in the process of shooting their film a big uprising against the government and foreign companies unfolds. The local government (forced by the World Bank) makes it illegal for the local people to gather the much needed rainwater. This sounds quite ridiculous, but unfortunately it is true. Some of the local actors are in the midst of this uprising – since it would affect them greatly – and the guy playing Taino leader Hatuey in the movie, is one of the leaders of the protests.

You probably already guessed it. The current events are – although they are 500 years apart – very similar to the events in the movie they are filming. This is very nicely done and very important: it is not overdone.

I liked the fact that this film gives the viewer a quick history lesson before the events really start off. This makes sure you can fully focus on the current events and link them to the history projected in the movie to be in this movie. Besides that, the acting is really good. Sometimes you hardly notice you are watching the movie in the movie. If it weren’t for the fact that you only see small bits, it would’ve been a decent movie by itself.

I would recommend this movie. It’s a nice and sometimes embarrassing (to be western) movie with two great history lessons included.

  1. want to watch it Alort…lemme see when n how!

    • You should, it is impressive in so many ways.

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