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Music I dig 028: Bon Iver – Holocene (2011)

This is simply a beautiful song full of emotion. I love how they used so many instruments and made it into such a elaborated whole. Everything just fits exactly right.

Not just this particular song, but the entire (self-titled) album is really good.

Oh, and try to ignore that annoying tv-host  in this vid. Bon Iver’s performance is awesome, so it’s worth it to ignore that guy.


Music I dig 027: Angus and Julia Stone – And The Boys (2010)

“and there’s gold falling from the ceiling of this world
falling from the heartbeat of this girl
falling from the things we should have learned
falling from the things we could have heard”

That is some nice – really nice – stuff right there!

I first heard ‘Angus & Julia’  through a friends’ video.

I couldn’t decide which video is nicer… 🙂