Movie I dig 025: Terri (2011)

If you’re looking for a movie filled with explosions, fast paced shallow dialogues and scenes, and a truckload of unrealism, then don’t bother checking out Terri. This is a realistic and at times moving and at other times humorous normal paced tale of a few American high school pieces of life.

There’s Terri, the overweight kid who stopped pretending that he fits in and who has to take care of his demented uncle. There’s Chad, looking for attention and in process becoming angry at everyone around him even though deep down you can see he is pretending. There’s Heather, she got fingered during economics class and almost got herself expelled from school if it weren’t for Terri. Finally there’s Mr. Fitzgerald, who is the assistant principal and who puts in some extra effort for all those kids who don’t fit in (he possibly does so because he was bullied himself when he was their age).

All these characters are quite interesting by themselves and the interaction between them makes it a real treat to watch. Also the acting is good! Definitely a nice movie to watch.

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