Movie I dig 027: Jodaeiye Nader az Simin (A Separation) (2011)

Nader and Simin are an Iranian couple about to break up. The first seen is shot from the perspective of the judge when she wants to legalize their break up. The reason for their break-up is that after waiting for 18 months they’ve received their visas to go abroad – and possibly towards a better future for them and their child – almost 6 months ago, but Nader is refusing to go, because when they leave there will be nobody to take care of his father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Simin disagrees and does not want to let this opportunity slip away. Probably because she fears they won’t get another one like this. The judge denies Simin’s case and shortly afterwards she moves in with her mother, leaving Nader, his father and their daughter Termeh behind in Nader’s father’s apartment. The ruling of the judge resulting in Simin’s departure from their family apartment, instigates a sequence of events that make their life extremely complicated.

The story is set in current day Iran and the audience gets a taste of the legal system, family values, religion, healthcare and how all these factors are interrelated. The director wants you (the audience) to make a judgement on who and what is right or wrong. This is brilliantly done. The script is insanely complex and this makes it even more impressive how well the directing and acting really is, because I enjoyed this movie very much. If this is how Iranian cinema is, then I’m on the look-out  for more.

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