Movie I dig 031: Tyrannosaur (2011)

Tyrannosaur is a grim  reality check. In fact at times it seems so real that one might forget this is a movie. A few factors contribute to this sense of realism. I’m only going to mention one, because first and foremost it is the acting that shakes one up.

Peter Mullan and Eddie Marsan play similar roles. Both have huge force and fragility at the same time. The only difference in their characters is their background and the fact that one – in the plot – tips over to be the maniacal  ‘good guy’ and the other plays the maniacal ruthless ‘bad guy’. Both give this dark, grey-shaded film a big pulse of different shades of grey. It is Olivia Colman, however, who really takes the acting to a new level. Just like her character – who is the factor between Joseph and James – her acting also lifts up the performances of respectively Peter Mullan and Eddie Marsan.

Tyrannosaur is an uncompromising film that will give you some things to think about long after you’ve left the theater.

  1. wow….nicely written 🙂

  2. this reads like a very appreciative review. Let me watch it now and will come back to take stock!



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