Movie I dig 033: Tierra y Libertad (Land and Freedom) (1995)

I’ve never known much about the Spanish civil war or the Franco regime. So stumbling on Tierrra y libertad seemed like an excellent opportunity to get to know a bit about it. No regrets there. It’s a great film.

It’s about an unemployed young man from Liverpool. He hears about the Spanish conflict at a meeting and being a communist he decides to go to Spain and fight for what he believes in, against the fascists.

I learned a lot about the conflict and the complexity of it (a lot of different factors and sides have their own interests). I didn’t learn much about the bigger picture and the politics behind the events of that era in Spain and Europe, even though there was a lot of talk about it in the dialogues. What I liked especially is that the film shows what life was like at the front and in the Spanish cities during that time. After the film I was kind off left with a feeling of sadness of how individuals throughout history have often been used as nothing more than mere pieces on a chessboard – and often replaceable.

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