Movie I dig 032: Få meg på, for faen (Turn me on, dammit!) (2011)

Få meg på, for faen is a short – maybe a bit too short – youth film about a young girl in a small boring village on Norway. Usually I’m not the kind of person who get’s all excited about youth films, on the contrary. I tend to think youth films make all youth look like idiots and makes the youth who watches them even bigger idiots. Not so much in this case though. I’m not sure why how I ever came up with the idea of checking this youth movie out, but I did, and I’m glad. However, let me point one more thing out, this is not a film that will rock your world, change your life forever or make you think about – your – life for days afterwards. None of the above, it does however, entertain you while you’re watching it.

It’s about Alma (Helene Bergsholm) – as mentioned before – a young girl living in a small boring village in Norway. Alma is in that age where girls start to explore their sexuality. In Alma’s case: she is exploring her sexuality on a turbo, but her age and the place where she lives, somewhat puts the handbrake on it. At a party a guy pokes her on the hip with his dick (pikk). She promptly – and not very tactically – tells this to everyone. The guy in question denies everything and everyone believes him, making her a social outcast at school and in the village.

It’s a funny film, maybe a bit short, but I certainly did not regret watching it.

Drit i idiotene, pikk-alma rule!


Movie I dig 031: Tyrannosaur (2011)

Tyrannosaur is a grim  reality check. In fact at times it seems so real that one might forget this is a movie. A few factors contribute to this sense of realism. I’m only going to mention one, because first and foremost it is the acting that shakes one up.

Peter Mullan and Eddie Marsan play similar roles. Both have huge force and fragility at the same time. The only difference in their characters is their background and the fact that one – in the plot – tips over to be the maniacal  ‘good guy’ and the other plays the maniacal ruthless ‘bad guy’. Both give this dark, grey-shaded film a big pulse of different shades of grey. It is Olivia Colman, however, who really takes the acting to a new level. Just like her character – who is the factor between Joseph and James – her acting also lifts up the performances of respectively Peter Mullan and Eddie Marsan.

Tyrannosaur is an uncompromising film that will give you some things to think about long after you’ve left the theater.

Music I dig 042: Amalie Bruun – Dirty Beaches (2011)

Another Scandinavian music gem. Amalie Bruun makes dark music. I like.

Movie I dig 030: Οι ιππείς της Πυλου (Oi ippeis tis Pylou) (Riders Of Pylou) (2011)

Oi ippeis tis Pylou might be the most insanely cool nonsense film I’ve ever seen.

It’s about the actor Telemachus who is pretty much broke and has some banks running after trying to get their money back. Telemachus decides to give them a run for their money, quite literally that is. He leaves Athens and closes up his studio in a hurry, leaving only things he can’t carry and a quote on his studio’s window, “How can you take something from someone who doesn’t own anything?”. Through one of his friends he ends up in a place called Pylou (he doesn’t know he is going there, the driver just takes him there). Pylou appears to be a remote castle in the mountains. At the castle he is taken in by two brothers – at least one of them is mentally challenged – who breed horses and preside over the castle and it’s collection of cultural and intellectual property. Still a bit shaken up by having to leave Athens, the smoked up drive to Pylou and the peculiar reception by the brothers, he starts to explore the surroundings and finds himself in one weird situation after the other, meeting one extravagant character after the other.

The plot has same strange and quite unexpected twists, but all of that works out well with the strong and strange characters. Definitely a film I enjoyed very much.

Sorry, no subs for this trailer.

Music I dig 041: The Basics – Have love, will travel (2007)

Originally by Richard Berry, but also covered by The Black Keys, The Sonics, Bruce Springsteen and many more. This song rocks!

Music I dig 040: M83 – Midnight City (2011)

The more you listen to this the more you realize this is quite nicely crafted, musically. I’m pretty sure this is going to be their breakthrough album (Hurry Up We’re Dreaming).

Music I dig 039: Grimes – Vanessa (2011)

Cool song. Heard for the first time about ninandahalfminutes ago. It managed to haunt me ever since. I love the video posted below, although it’s not the original. It’s from a 60s French film called ‘Alphaville’. I love these old black and white films.

This song is forthcoming on the ‘Darkbloom’ EP.

Here’s a link to the original video. It’s not bad at all either.