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Music I dig 035: Greymatter – Only To Fall (2010)

Forthcoming on the Paw To The Floor EP, through Wolf music. How we hoooooowwwl!


Movie I dig 020: Hævnen (In a Better World) (2010)

This Danish film is a nice example of how a few completely different storylines – each with it’s own problems, difficulties and shine – can be related, without making it fit too perfect. I think the most important spider in making this web of a film succesfull was without any doubt, the director Susanne Bier. The way she manages to relate these different stories – even though it involves the same people mostly – is impressive, especially if you consider how credible it still is. Of course the actors in this film also deserve their fair share of credit.

I think this film touches upon (although in exaggerated versions) many problems and difficulties that a modern European family faces today.

Movie I dig 019: The Conspirator (2010)

The Consipirator is the first film produced by The American Film Company, and they are off to a good start. The American Film Company’s goal is to accurately make films based on true events from American history. Sounds like a nice breath of fresh air amongst most other Hollywood productions.

As a European, I wished I knew more about the history of the American Civil War, while watching this movie – even though all the events in the film take place right after the Civil War. Nonetheless, I knew enough to be able to follow and – most importantly – enjoy the movie. Coming home after having seen it, I started to surf the web to find out more about the events in the Civil War and the events in the movie in particular.

The movie itself seems like a realistic story of how the events could have been. And  – for me, not knowing how things would turn out – it was an exciting ride all the way to the end. I love how the CGI guys recreated a historical version of DC. The acting is quite good, but I didn’t expect anything other from a fine cast like this one.

So all in all a quite good film and I’m excited to see what else they will produce in the years to come.

Music I dig 027: Angus and Julia Stone – And The Boys (2010)

“and there’s gold falling from the ceiling of this world
falling from the heartbeat of this girl
falling from the things we should have learned
falling from the things we could have heard”

That is some nice – really nice – stuff right there!

I first heard ‘Angus & Julia’  through a friends’ video.

I couldn’t decide which video is nicer… 🙂

Movie I dig 018: También la lluvia (Even the rain) (2010)

A film-maker, his manager and their team head to Bolivia to shoot a movie about Columbus’ discovery of South America and the oppression and genocide against the natives. While they are in the process of shooting their film a big uprising against the government and foreign companies unfolds. The local government (forced by the World Bank) makes it illegal for the local people to gather the much needed rainwater. This sounds quite ridiculous, but unfortunately it is true. Some of the local actors are in the midst of this uprising – since it would affect them greatly – and the guy playing Taino leader Hatuey in the movie, is one of the leaders of the protests.

You probably already guessed it. The current events are – although they are 500 years apart – very similar to the events in the movie they are filming. This is very nicely done and very important: it is not overdone.

I liked the fact that this film gives the viewer a quick history lesson before the events really start off. This makes sure you can fully focus on the current events and link them to the history projected in the movie to be in this movie. Besides that, the acting is really good. Sometimes you hardly notice you are watching the movie in the movie. If it weren’t for the fact that you only see small bits, it would’ve been a decent movie by itself.

I would recommend this movie. It’s a nice and sometimes embarrassing (to be western) movie with two great history lessons included.

Music I dig 023: Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Trentemoller Businessman Dubby Games Remix) (2010)

Did you ever wonder how you could take a masterpiece in music, tweak it a bit, add some salt and add some hot peppers , so you would improve it? Just call Trentemoller, he knows what to do. As a matter of fact he just did. Listen to this….and drink some bacardi and lime while you’re at it….you will need it, you will like it, you will want some more of it…

Movie I dig 15: Joanna (2010)

Joanna is a real good, real unknown (only 25 votes in IMDB!) Polish world war II movie. It tells the story of a young (secretly) Jewish girl who ends up being separated from her mother (her father is gone already) and being taken care off by an almost complete stranger (a waitress she only met moments earlier).

Polish people had some of their harshest years while they where occupied by the Germans (and afterwards they had some more harsh years when the communist Soviet Union took over from the Nazis) and this movie makes one familiar with this fact on a very personal level. Urszula Grabowska and Sara Knothe are the main actresses in this movie and they well deserve a lot of praise.

This movie gave me a lot of things to think about. People who do good are not always rewarded, this I knew. But in this movie the person who does good things is treated in such a bad way that it makes one doubt whether it is worth it to even consider whether it is worth it to do the (obvious) right thing. At a certain point people can (and probably should) ask themselves whether it is worth it to risk losing everything, for the cause of others.