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Music I dig 033: Sleep ∞ Over – Romantic Streams (2011)

This autumn started off well with this dark, hypnotic yet head in the clouds ‘Sleep ∞ Over’ debut LP (Forever). Oh, and play it loud.


Music I dig 032: Flashguns – No point hanging around (2011)

From Flashguns’ debut album ‘Passions of a Different Kind’ released through Humming Records. Listen and enjoy this gorgeous autumn weekend even better!

Movie I dig 025: Terri (2011)

If you’re looking for a movie filled with explosions, fast paced shallow dialogues and scenes, and a truckload of unrealism, then don’t bother checking out Terri. This is a realistic and at times moving and at other times humorous normal paced tale of a few American high school pieces of life.

There’s Terri, the overweight kid who stopped pretending that he fits in and who has to take care of his demented uncle. There’s Chad, looking for attention and in process becoming angry at everyone around him even though deep down you can see he is pretending. There’s Heather, she got fingered during economics class and almost got herself expelled from school if it weren’t for Terri. Finally there’s Mr. Fitzgerald, who is the assistant principal and who puts in some extra effort for all those kids who don’t fit in (he possibly does so because he was bullied himself when he was their age).

All these characters are quite interesting by themselves and the interaction between them makes it a real treat to watch. Also the acting is good! Definitely a nice movie to watch.

Movie I dig 022: Submarine (2010)

Submarine is based on the novel by Joe Dunthorne. I’ve read that novel a few years back. An extremely funny and witty read.

The film is exactly like that. Richard Ayoade did a terrific job on visualising the novel.

Basically it’s a film about and narrated by Oliver Tate, who is a peculiar young fellow, to say the least. It’s like he always try to approach everything with the utmost level of emotionlessness and rationality. This is quite funny since a 15-year old boy is full of emotion with hormones racing through his body. And so is Oliver. In this film Oliver falls in love and of course his little heart – as his father describes it – is broken.

Most of the characters in this film seem to be coming straight from a weird cartoon rather than a real world. (Nonetheless credible.)

Movie I dig 021: Jeg reiser alene (I travel alone) (2011)

I could start with how seriously bad it is when a young girl is being raised without knowing her father and how her too young mother kind off keeps her away from her father, but I’m no going to do that. No, instead I’m going to say how much fun I had watching this movie! A fuckin’ lot of F-U-N! Maybe it’s my age but I can completely relate to a lot of things – apart from being a father – in this film. And that makes me enjoy it the way I do.

I hope they make a third Jarle Klepp and in the mean time I’m going to look for the first one.

Music I dig 028: Bon Iver – Holocene (2011)

This is simply a beautiful song full of emotion. I love how they used so many instruments and made it into such a elaborated whole. Everything just fits exactly right.

Not just this particular song, but the entire (self-titled) album is really good.

Oh, and try to ignore that annoying tv-host  in this vid. Bon Iver’s performance is awesome, so it’s worth it to ignore that guy.

Music I dig 025: Frank Turner – Peggy sang the blues (2011)

Album released on June 6th, reached my ears on June 8th, unable to leave my head June 16th onwards…

And this is only one of quite a few gems on Frank Turner‘s new album ‘England keep my bones’. I’m not going to write about how the songs sound, whether it’s better than his last album or whether his style has changed. No. That would spoil the fun of listening and exploring this really cool collection of songs.

This summer’s been good so far and this album is one of the reasons it’s bound to get even better.