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Music I dig 051: MØ – Maiden (2012)

This is some pretty catchy stuff spreading out from Copenhagen. The music is produced in a collaberation between Karen Marie Ørsted and Ronni Vindahl. The video is by Anne Sofie Skaaring. On her facebook fanpage she says she likes Santigold, which is clearly audible. Not a bad thing.


Music I dig 049: The Late Great Fitzcarraldos – Jesu (2012)

Discovered this one a few days ago, through Reptile Youth. Jesu is the first single from their second album. It’s a very catchy pop-synth tune and it kind of smells like summer. This is great for a chilled-out summer evening. Also, notice this fantastic video by Malthe Fischer.

Music I dig 044: Rangleklods – Clouds (2012)

Love this one. The whole feel of the song – for me – is: winter is almost over, you feel the change in the air as you breath in deep. You feel spring is coming. But it’s still chilly and snow can still come. Unexpected snow. The kind that disappears within a day or even hours, because it’s just not that cold anymore.

I love the video. It’s got a nice raw edge and works really well with this song.

I’m looking forward to their album Beekeeper (march 12th).

Music I dig 042: Amalie Bruun – Dirty Beaches (2011)

Another Scandinavian music gem. Amalie Bruun makes dark music. I like.

Movie I dig 020: Hævnen (In a Better World) (2010)

This Danish film is a nice example of how a few completely different storylines – each with it’s own problems, difficulties and shine – can be related, without making it fit too perfect. I think the most important spider in making this web of a film succesfull was without any doubt, the director Susanne Bier. The way she manages to relate these different stories – even though it involves the same people mostly – is impressive, especially if you consider how credible it still is. Of course the actors in this film also deserve their fair share of credit.

I think this film touches upon (although in exaggerated versions) many problems and difficulties that a modern European family faces today.

Music I dig 019: Tim Lothar & Peter Nande – Can’t Get That Stuff No More (2009)

While visiting the brilliant and awesome Moulin Blues Festival (Ospel, NL) I saw this Danish duo for the first time. I had never heard about them either….such a shame! Tim Lothar & Peter Nande play a sub-genre called rootblues. And they rock it! Man I was buzzin’! Also check out their album ‘Two for the Road’!!

Music I dig 011: Quadron – Slippin (2009)

I forgot how I first heard about Quadron, but I sure remember that I digged it straight away!

Today spring arrived at my place (sun, sun and we brought out the garden-lounge-set) and this song is made for spring. Even the vid is awesome.