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Movie I dig 024: Tous les soleils (2011)

You want something light and funny? Tous les soleils, there you go!

It’s about a father who is raising his 15-year old daughter alone, since his wife died in a car crash several years ago. Everyone around him is telling him that he needs to move on, but he has a hard time doing so and to make matters worse he also has trouble adapting with his young daughter turning into a young woman. Of course he blames this on his daughter’s puberty, but he should rather seek the problem – and the answer – on his side. Add a weird brother who is living with them and you got a great mix of funny stuff bound to happen.

Sorry, I could only find a trailer with Dutch subtitles.


Movie I dig 011: Les Petits Mouchoirs (Little White Lies) (2010)

After watching ‘Les Petits Mouchoirs‘ I’m ready to go-go on a summer holiday at the beach. Sea food, beach-life, friends, meeting new people, sun and fun!

It’s a bunch of friends who decide to go on their annual holiday at one of the friends’ beach-house in the south of France, despite one of their friends being in the hospital after he was hit by a truck while driving his scooter. While being on this holiday everyone of these friends seems to have their own personal issues. Telling more would spoil it.

All in all I had a really good time watching this movie. The characters are quite likeable and the directing is done nicely.