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Music I dig 052: Ry* & Frank Wiedemann – Howling (2012)

Howling is one of those smooth tracks that just grows on you. I could end my post right there. However, I’m not in a lazy mood.

Frank Wiedemann is known for his work in groups such as ‘A Critical Mass’, ‘Âme’ and ‘Innervisions Orchestra’, producing music somewhere in the field of techno, tech-house  deep-house and minimal (possibly with a whiff of jazz and/or classical music). As far as I know most of his tracks have been released through their Innervisions label. Innervisions has always been a label for quality (no commercial concessions) electronic dance music. Surprisingly the ‘Howling EP’ will also be released on this label, making it the first pop song to be released on Innervisions. Unsurprisingly the EP also features an ‘Âme’ remix of ‘Howling’, which I think is just off the hook (that means you have to click that hyperlink!)!

Having the knowledge that ‘Howling’ is produced by Wiedemann, one suddenly hears a lot of similarities in the way the track is produced and composed. Believe me, that’s not a bad thing. These guys know what they are doing, be it tech-house or something more pop-ish.