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Movie I dig 009: Potiche (2010)

This is one pleasurable movie. It’s not complicated, nor is it shallow.

Basically, Potiche is a story about a house-wife who seems kind off naive and silly. She’s got a husband straight from hell. They own an umbrella-factory and have a son and a daughter. Then, the husband falls ill and needs to take some time off the job. Despite what everyone thinks of her, the house-wife steps forward as his replacement. I’m not going to spoil any further.

The house-wife is more than wonderfully portrayed by Catherine Deneuve. Really, she is the star in this one! You can always count on Gérard Depardieu to work the screen!  The last actor worth mentioning is Fabrice Luchini, who plays the evil evil husband. He must have had so much fun playing this character. Wild and relentlessly ridiculous is what he is!

This movie will definitely put you in a good 70s mood.


Movie I dig 005: La tête en friche (My Afternoons with Margueritte) (2010)

The things I dig about this movie are easy to sum up. Firstly there is the adorable  but slightly naive Germain (Gerard Depardieu) which is a very lovable character right from the start. He’s into gardening, has got a pretty hot girlfriend (Sophie Guillemin), is famous within his French little town, has a very disturbing, crazy mother and whenever made fun of (which happens often) seems to forget it quickly and will be in a good spirits again. Then there is de really nice and incredibly patient elderly woman Margueritte (Gisèle Casadesus) whom Germain starts to meet regularly in the park. Thirdly there is the love for books and reading that I can relate to!

All this is set in a lovely French village. Another thing I dig.

Overall ‘La tête en friche‘ is a very pleasant ride and even the things in the movie that about upon life’s not-so-bright things are pleasantly worked out by the director (Jean Becker). So if you are in for a feel-good movie and you dig the French, than ‘La tête en friche’ might be something worth checking out.

Here’s the trailer: