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Music I dig 046: This is the kit – Earthquake (2010)

I heard ‘This is the kit’ today (this song as a matter of fact), bought the album and loved the shit out it! Dark and catchy tune. Lot’s of musicianship in this song and on the entire album ‘Wriggle out restless’ for that matter. Very good!


Music I dig 034: Television Personalities – Stop And Smell The Roses (1985)

An ideal dark song for those dark winter months to come. Now let’s hope Dan Treacy pulls through and – if possible – makes more of this kind of brilliant music.

Music I dig 029: Canned Heat – Going up the country (1968)

The unofficial soundtrack of the original Woodstock festival and topping the charts in many countries, this is one hell of a song! It’s probably Canned Heat’s best known song, but it certainly isn’t their only great song.

Sit under an apple-tree, grab your flute and enjoy hippie-times.

Music I dig 024: Reptile Youth – Speeddance (Live at Spot Festival) (2011) (Formerly known as ‘Reptile & Retard’)

I just discovered these guys on the net! Yikes, I’m digging this! Not wasting any more words!

And as a bonus ‘Reptile Youth – Fresh Meat – Live’:

Music I dig 023: Chris Isaak – Wicked Game (Trentemoller Businessman Dubby Games Remix) (2010)

Did you ever wonder how you could take a masterpiece in music, tweak it a bit, add some salt and add some hot peppers , so you would improve it? Just call Trentemoller, he knows what to do. As a matter of fact he just did. Listen to this….and drink some bacardi and lime while you’re at it….you will need it, you will like it, you will want some more of it…

Music I dig 020: Boy Mandeville – Killing the work (2011)

I can’t decide which is more awesome, the song or the video…
Video: Juliette Hamon Damourette
Music: Boy Mandeville

Music I dig 018: Kraak & Smaak – My Synths Are The Bomb (2011)

This album has been released TODAY!! I love the album, I love this track! Kraak & Smaak again DE-LI-VER! This is the soundtrack to my easter-weekend!