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Music I dig 051: MØ – Maiden (2012)

This is some pretty catchy stuff spreading out from Copenhagen. The music is produced in a collaberation between Karen Marie Ørsted and Ronni Vindahl. The video is by Anne Sofie Skaaring. On her facebook fanpage she says she likes Santigold, which is clearly audible. Not a bad thing.


Music I Dig 050: Alpine – Gasoline (2012)

Alpine is Phoebe, Lou, Phil, Christian, Ryan and Tim. They hail from Melbourne, Australia. They make some pretty nice music – if all their music is as good as is ‘Gasoline’ (I still have to check that out), their latest single. It is one of twelve tracks on their album ‘A is for Alpine’.

‘Gasoline’ is what you expect a good summer track to be and feel like; happy, bright, careless, soothing and a tiny wee uplifting. There’s also this unofficial video that is doing rather well (viewer-wise).

Music I dig 044: Rangleklods – Clouds (2012)

Love this one. The whole feel of the song – for me – is: winter is almost over, you feel the change in the air as you breath in deep. You feel spring is coming. But it’s still chilly and snow can still come. Unexpected snow. The kind that disappears within a day or even hours, because it’s just not that cold anymore.

I love the video. It’s got a nice raw edge and works really well with this song.

I’m looking forward to their album Beekeeper (march 12th).

Music I dig 042: Amalie Bruun – Dirty Beaches (2011)

Another Scandinavian music gem. Amalie Bruun makes dark music. I like.

Music I dig 026: Mr. Scruff – Get A Move On (1999)

Definitely part of my all time favourites. You’ve probably heard if before in several commercials or in another shape in “Bird’s Lament (In Memory of Charlie Parker)” by Moondog.

Music I dig 001: Thom Yorke – Black Swan (2006)

So this is the first post regarding ‘Music I dig’.

Check out the vid. I really dig this song and Thom Yorke’s music (incl the ‘Radiohead’ era) in general.