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Movie I dig 028: The Guard (2011)

Laughing out loud. That’s what The Guard is. It all starts with a murder taking place in a small village in Ireland. The local police officer Sergeant Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) is put on the case together with a new colleague who just moved there from Dublin. This story sounds really boring – even to me as I’m writing about it – but it is the dark narcissistic humor that makes this movie. Add the really cool chemistry between Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleeson and you have ‘The Guard’. I love the fact that this movie doesn’t care a bit about being offensive in various ways (sexuality, racism, drugs, weapons/violence). Great to see something that’s not pretentious. I think that’s why an American FBI agent is part of the story; like a sneer to American cinema and pretentious American puritanism (Hollywood).


Movie I dig 026: Gadjo Dilo (The crazy stranger) (1997)

Gadjo Dilo was the first Tony Gatlif movie I saw. It immediately made Tony Gatlif on of my favorite directors. I could tell you all about the story or the setting of this film, but I don’t think one should know anything at all about it, before watching it. It is a movie that one should just watch. Sit back, relax and put it on. You won’t regret.

To me it was like seeing a different way of life – that I probably would have probably disliked otherwise. Gatlif is a master at making a lifestyle that seems dirty, lazy and poor  – to most westerners – look like an ode to a vibrant and positive-minded life.

Movie I dig 025: Terri (2011)

If you’re looking for a movie filled with explosions, fast paced shallow dialogues and scenes, and a truckload of unrealism, then don’t bother checking out Terri. This is a realistic and at times moving and at other times humorous normal paced tale of a few American high school pieces of life.

There’s Terri, the overweight kid who stopped pretending that he fits in and who has to take care of his demented uncle. There’s Chad, looking for attention and in process becoming angry at everyone around him even though deep down you can see he is pretending. There’s Heather, she got fingered during economics class and almost got herself expelled from school if it weren’t for Terri. Finally there’s Mr. Fitzgerald, who is the assistant principal and who puts in some extra effort for all those kids who don’t fit in (he possibly does so because he was bullied himself when he was their age).

All these characters are quite interesting by themselves and the interaction between them makes it a real treat to watch. Also the acting is good! Definitely a nice movie to watch.

Books I dig 001: Markus Zusak – The Book Thief

The Book Thief

Never. Never in my life have I read a book that covers so many of the emotions in the emotional spectrum. Never have I had so much reading cruel and evil stuff about Nazi-Germany. Never did I know (even though it obviously makes a lot of sense) that so many civilian Germans suffered from more than just allied bombing (e.g. being poor). Never while reading a book did I think to myself “Wow, this guy can write son!”, so often. Never have I read a book that had such an original narrator who is so (rightfully) integrated, so the right man for the job and so well (and complete) developed.

Never would I have want to miss out on ‘The Book Thief’.