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Movie I dig 010: Maria Full of Grace (2004)

Shit! I love Spanish movies and that rapid fluent Spanish tongue! That was the first thing I thought when I was watching ‘Maria Full of Grace‘. Obviously it makes a difference when it’s a stunning young latina who’s using that tongue. And stunning is exactly what Catalina Sandino Moreno is; both in physical appearance and acting! Considering that this is her very first movie, she deserves nothing less of a standing ovation.

It’s a story about a girl working in the flower-business who is sick and tired of her job, her boring boyfriend and pretty much her entire life as it is. One day she quits her job and starts looking for something else in Bogota. On the way there she meets this guy which she met earlier on a night out. He gives her a ride and learns that she is looking for a job. He offers her a job as a courier, even though he is a bit hazy about the details. Deciding against what her instinct, likely because of being sick and tired of so many things, she decides to accept the job offered.

After this follows a very real and informative story about drug trafficking and it’s (sometimes) harsh consequences. This movie has won so many prices for a very good reason. It really is that good!


Movie I dig 006: Los colores de la montaña (The colors of the mountain) (2010)

This is a story about a few young friends who are living in a remote village in the Colombian mountains. Manuel plays football everyday with his best friend Julián. He even gets a new football for his birthday. Then one day the ball shoots off the football field and ends up in a until then unknown minefield. The friends with the help of another friend Poca Luz, try different things to get their ball back.

During these adventures there is a danger shaping in the background. It is not quite clear what this conflict is about, but it is an armed conflict and there are guerillas and another armed group involved.

All these problems are set against the background of a very pretty landscape that only shows it’s dark-side because of the human problems in it. Credits for this debuting director to make the scenery just right.

All in all I quite enjoyed this ‘Los colores de la montaña‘. The young friends act quite good and realistic.

Here’s the trailer: