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ógnvekjandi 005: Skydive madness at the skydive-center Praha opening


ógnvekjandi 004: Papi papi dances like a true papi chulo!

This will be the best 3min of your day!

ógnvekjandi 003: Mitch Tölderer – 2011 Freeride World Tour Champion (Season Compilation)

One of my favourite snowboarders and as of now also the reigning world champion in the Freeride World Tour. Watch that awesome Mitch Tölderer season compilation below and you will see that this Freeride World Tour is not for bullshitters. This is the real thing only for the best freeride/big mountain snowboarders.

Mitch rides for Jones Snowboards. Jones Snowboards is owned and founded by the legendary Jeremy Jones.

ógnvekjandi 002: Saxophone Hero – sexysaxmansaxagram(dot)com

Words are useless in this case. Just take in the sexiness.

ógnvekjandi 001

This is my new posting-thingy. I baptized it ógnvekjandi (which is Icelandic ‘awesome’). Why? Because it looks pretty cool (I haven’t got a clue how it sounds).

Credits for the guy on the bike and the team who made the vid possible.