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Movie I dig 017: L’affaire Farewell (2009)

L’affaire Farewell is a movie that made a deep impression on me. Especially the acting by Emir Kusturica is amazing. The acting is not overdone and neither is it too nonchalant. Which is quite an accomplishment considering the immense implications of his actions. Guillaume Canet as usual, acts really well.

Anyone who is interested in the Cold War, spionage or both should definitely watch this movie.


Music I dig 019: Tim Lothar & Peter Nande – Can’t Get That Stuff No More (2009)

While visiting the brilliant and awesome Moulin Blues Festival (Ospel, NL) I saw this Danish duo for the first time. I had never heard about them either….such a shame! Tim Lothar & Peter Nande play a sub-genre called rootblues. And they rock it! Man I was buzzin’! Also check out their album ‘Two for the Road’!!