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Movie I dig 019: The Conspirator (2010)

The Consipirator is the first film produced by The American Film Company, and they are off to a good start. The American Film Company’s goal is to accurately make films based on true events from American history. Sounds like a nice breath of fresh air amongst most other Hollywood productions.

As a European, I wished I knew more about the history of the American Civil War, while watching this movie – even though all the events in the film take place right after the Civil War. Nonetheless, I knew enough to be able to follow and – most importantly – enjoy the movie. Coming home after having seen it, I started to surf the web to find out more about the events in the Civil War and the events in the movie in particular.

The movie itself seems like a realistic story of how the events could have been. And  – for me, not knowing how things would turn out – it was an exciting ride all the way to the end. I love how the CGI guys recreated a historical version of DC. The acting is quite good, but I didn’t expect anything other from a fine cast like this one.

So all in all a quite good film and I’m excited to see what else they will produce in the years to come.


Movie I dig 009: Potiche (2010)

This is one pleasurable movie. It’s not complicated, nor is it shallow.

Basically, Potiche is a story about a house-wife who seems kind off naive and silly. She’s got a husband straight from hell. They own an umbrella-factory and have a son and a daughter. Then, the husband falls ill and needs to take some time off the job. Despite what everyone thinks of her, the house-wife steps forward as his replacement. I’m not going to spoil any further.

The house-wife is more than wonderfully portrayed by Catherine Deneuve. Really, she is the star in this one! You can always count on Gérard Depardieu to work the screen!  The last actor worth mentioning is Fabrice Luchini, who plays the evil evil husband. He must have had so much fun playing this character. Wild and relentlessly ridiculous is what he is!

This movie will definitely put you in a good 70s mood.

Movie I dig 008: Des Hommes et des Dieux (Of Gods and Men) (2010)

This movie is hands down, a top 3 movie for 2011 (so far) for me. The other two would be ‘Incendies‘ and ‘Biutiful’.

Des Hommes et des Dieux‘ is a story (based upon true events) about a group of Christian monks who are residing and working in and around their monastery in an Algerian town. They have been in this Muslim village for a long time and they are very much part of the town’s identity. They have been helping and supporting the locals ever since they arrived there. This is pretty much the setting when the movie commences. To this background a slowly growing but poisonous factor is added. The factor of radicalisation amongst Muslim-men in Algeria and the  growth and spreading fear of terror brought upon non-Muslims and less fundamental Muslims. After a serious incident involving a group of other foreigners amongst the monks’ acquaintances. The monks are beginning to question themselves and each other whether they should stay or leave. They fear their safety is not guaranteed.

I was quite taken aback by the believe and confidence in the goodness of people, by the monks, even when facts and events were pointing in the opposite direction. The acting by especially Lambert WilsonMichael Lonsdale and Olivier Rabourdin is brilliant! It really seems like they have been monks most of their lives.

Xavier Beauvois did an astonishing job on re-creating the circumstances of the time and the very real atmosphere of a monastery in a non-Christian country.  Perhaps, the sum of the scenery and the camera work is the best thing about this movie.

Definitely go and watch it.

Movie I dig 007: Saints & Soldiers (2003)

Every once in a while I can appreciate a good WWII movie. ‘Saints & Soldiers‘ is a kind of low budget production (compared to ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘Band of Brothers’, etc). Fortunately this doesn’t mean that it’s quality is any less than those big WWII productions. The only thing you won’t see are exploding bodies, flying limbs and grand explosions. You will get tension, excitement, action, emotions…and Germans. I have to admit (and this is a positive thing) that it kind of felt like ‘Band of Brothers’.

The plot isn’t too complicated, so I’m not going to bother to write it down here. The trailer says enough. The acting is decent, to say the least. I didn’t notice anything special about the directing and camerawork in this movie. I think that for this production that worked out quite well.

There are also rumours about a new ‘Saints & Soldiers’ production. I’m in for it 🙂

Movie I dig 006: Los colores de la montaña (The colors of the mountain) (2010)

This is a story about a few young friends who are living in a remote village in the Colombian mountains. Manuel plays football everyday with his best friend Julián. He even gets a new football for his birthday. Then one day the ball shoots off the football field and ends up in a until then unknown minefield. The friends with the help of another friend Poca Luz, try different things to get their ball back.

During these adventures there is a danger shaping in the background. It is not quite clear what this conflict is about, but it is an armed conflict and there are guerillas and another armed group involved.

All these problems are set against the background of a very pretty landscape that only shows it’s dark-side because of the human problems in it. Credits for this debuting director to make the scenery just right.

All in all I quite enjoyed this ‘Los colores de la montaña‘. The young friends act quite good and realistic.

Here’s the trailer: